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Created 30-Jul-13
27 photos

These images come from an Arizona Highways photo workshop in early May 2013.
The fastest way into Havasupai CanyonTravertine terraces below Navajo FallsTravertine terraces reflecting canyon wallsMorning sky above Havasu FallsHavasu Falls in late afternoonTravertine pool below Havasu FallsYoung cottonwood trees near Havasu FallsHavasupai Canyon wallThe Zen treeDescent down Mooney FallsMarcia and Ted at the bottom of Mooney FallsThe workshop gangTravertine spillover below Mooney FallsEarly morning reflections below Navajo FallsVan Gogh was hereCamille Pissarro was also herePack train #1Pack train #2Pack train driverCeline, a Supai schoolgirl

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