Roy Ritola(non-registered)
Wow really beautiful stuff Ted!
Paul English(non-registered)
Outstanding work! Beautiful images and great artistry here. Thank you!
carol gloriosa(non-registered)
I do enjoy you and your much as I enjoy the lunch I had yesterday with our mutual friend. He and I are looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday evening.
Wonderful work, you have the eye. It was nice to have seen you at the SAGG meeting.
Jerry Cagle(non-registered)
Ted, Thanks so much for sharing your work. You've definitely piqued my interest in the genre.
Yours, Jerry
Great photos of the Florida birds. Your compositions illustrate the beauty of nature and the love of a parent for their offspring.
Nat Holland(non-registered)
Really enjoyed seeing your photography website...
Karl Chiang(non-registered)
I am so glad that I met you and Marcia at Havasu Falls in May of 2013. My only regret is that I did not have enough time to discover more about you. I am glad I finally followed up with you because I had a hunch you were special. I have just started looking at a few of your recent albums and I am completely blown away. You have a gift for photography as an ART. I have been to several of the same places so I understand how you have conveyed another image all together. Your ability to capture a moment in time with your own person interpretation is priceless. Bravo, professor! I look forward to meeting you out in the field again.
Carol Horvitz Nutt(non-registered)
Hi Ted,

Your photo-based artistic compositions comprise a totally original way to use your amazing photographs. Beautiful. I am drawn of course to the hummingbirds, but also the expansive Monument Valley composition. I saw some of these but not all last summer at the tropical biology meetings.

I am happy to have the time over the break to catch up. Your website is a very nice venue for sharing this unique art form.

Happy 2014,
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