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Created 9-Jul-20
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This gallery contains images from this event in 3 different years. The rodeo is held near Sells, Arizona on the Tohono O'odham reservation west of Tucson. It is a three-day event and features many carnival rides as well as food booths, music, and dancing. It is attended by many of Arizona's Native American tribes.
Albert, a Tohono O'odham elderDawn, a Tohono O'odham womanPreparing food at the food courtIndian band -- loud and joyousIndian accordian playerWhirlagigMerry-go-roundTwo rodeo queensRodeo dreamsRussell, a Tohono O'odham elderCody, a livestock wranglerChasing a wild mustangCalf roping #1Calf roping #2Bronc riding #1Bronc riding #2Look, Ma, I'm flying!A soft landing?Bronc riding #3Bronc rider #4

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