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Created 16-Jul-21
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This gallery contains a selection of images from a 10-day photo trip to the mountains of Chiriqui Province in western Panama in July 2018. The trip was led by my friend Bruce Taubert. We stayed at two locations: Fortuna Cabins Ecotourism B&B at 900 m for 3 days and Mt. Totumas Cloud Forest at 1900 m for 5 days. At both places we did a lot of macro photography as well as standard wildlife photography. At Fortuna, I concentrated on birds other than hummingbirds; I saw only one hummer species there. At Totumas I concentrated on 8 species of hummingbrds using a multiple-flash system as well as simply sitting and photographing them in a garden. We also mist-netted and photographed 4 species of bats at Totumas.
Mountain landscape #1Mountain landscape #2Cecropia treeNew leaves and inflorescence of a Cecropia treeUnderstory fern #1Unerstory fern #2Colorful fen frondsKatydid #1Katydid #2Katydid #3Glass-winged butterflyPuddling butterfliesGlass frogA handsome tree frogA cryptic Anolis lizardCorythophanes lizardGreen tree viperSwallow-tailed kiteSwallow-tailed kite montageClay-colored robin

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