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Created 12-Jul-13
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Here are a few paired images of street scenes from around the world. These are digital paintings.
Downtown Quito EcuadorPlaza de Convento San FranciscoOuro Preto, BrazilModel shoot in Ouro Preto, BrazilOld Town, Montpellier, FrancePlaza in Old Town, Montpellier, FranceDowntown Calgary, CanadaLunchtime in CalgaryDowntown Bisbee Arizona"Alice in Bisbeeland"Downtown, Jerome, ArizonaPaul and Jerry's saloon, Jerome, ArizonaBroadway Avenue, Nashville, TennesseeHonkytonkin'Las Vegas street sceneWhat happens in Las Vegas....Blue Note Jazz Club, NYCTimes Square at Midnight, NYCFox Theater Times 3Elvira's Restaurant

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