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Created 13-Jul-14
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In April 2014 I spent a week with a group of bat biologist colleagues at Lamanai Outpost Lodge in Orange Walk District (north central Belize). The lodge is located on the banks of a long, spring-fed lagoon (New River) in the middle of an ancient Maya city. It is on the edge of Indian Church village about a mile from a Maya archeological park. These photos represent a mixture of documentary and more artistic images.
Welcome to BelizeWhite ibises #1White ibises #2A contrast of two culturesMaya ancestry #1Maya ancestry #2Understory palms, forest near Lamanai Archeological ParkSunset in the Kakabiche forestButtress roots, Belize rain forestMoss on the Masked TempleMoss-covered palm trunkFig tree and Jaguar TempleMasked Temple, Lamanai Archeological ParkDetail of Masked TempleWaiting for touristsLigo, a Belizan from Indian ChurchMale basilisk or 'jesu cristo' lizardMigrant Yellow warblerGolden-fronted woodpeckerMale Black-headed trogon #1

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