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Created 31-Jul-13
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These photos come from a National Geographic Society small ship cruise in late May. We started in Sitka and ended in Juneau. Except for our 2 day stay in Sitka, these photos represent 'drive-by shooting' to quote NGS naturalist/photographer Rich Kirchner.
Overview of SitkaWeather-worn Sitka housesBoathouse reflectionsFloat plane reflectionKelpMarine animals at low tideSquabbling ravensA Sitka marina at sunsetEntrance to Sitka's Totem Pole ParkFallen log in temperate rain forest"Duck," a Tlingit IndianColorful eelSitka sneakersSunset in a Sitka harborBald eagle in Totem Pole ParkBald eagle portraitPeregrine falcon portraitSnowy owl portraitBarred owl portraitNational Geographic/Linblad's Sea Lion

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