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Created 24-Aug-13
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These images come from three trips to China between 2004 and 2009. Most of my time was spent in Yunnan Province in southwestern China. Images from Yunnan come from its capitol, Kunming, as well as outlying areas, mostly in its tropical areas.
The Great WallRoofline in the Forbidden CitySinger in Gate of Heaven Park, BeijingMain gate to Green Lake Park, KunmingGulls in Green Lake Park, KunmingFamily playing cards in Green Lake Park, KunmingSad girl in Green Lake Park, KunmingFeeding goldfish in Green Lake Park, KunmingTraditional dancer, Green Lake ParkTraditional dancer, Green Lake Park, KunmingElderly smoker, Green Lake Park, KunmingPensive guideRafting on the Mekong, southern YunnanDai village, southern Yunnan ProvinceBuddhist temple, Mengla, KunmingWater lily garden, XTBG, YunnanExotic Heliconia in XTBG, Yunnan ProvinceOpening ceremony at the 50th anniversary of XTBG, Yunnan ProvinceDai dancers at XTBG #1Dai dancers at XTBG #2

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