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Created 10-Aug-13
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In this series of photo montages, I focus on interesting people that I've encountered in recent years. I consider many of these images to be 'casual portraits', usually taken with available light. Once I started doing montages, I more deliberately photograph people previsualizing them in a montage setting.
Maasai womanMaasai warriorShama, an Indian classical dancerIndian seamstress and childSadhu manJamaican monTwo Chinese models at Delicate Arch, UtahChinese model, Delicate ArchZapotec weaverAlex Wells, Native American hoop dancerGabriel Ayala, Native American guitaristExploring the Pacific intertidalPlein air painter, Torrey Pines State Park near La Jolla, CaliforniaHortaculturalist, Garland's Lodge, Sedona, ArizonaBartender, Connor Hotel, Jerome, ArizonaDynamic Genevieve Gaus, jazz and pop singerCrystal Stark, a Tucson jazz divaThe second coming of Elvis?Mr. C#Street dancers, Tucson

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