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Created 3-Aug-13
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I've visited Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro, New Mexico, just after Thanksgiving for the last four years. Each year brings different weather and different photo opportunities. The site usually contains tens of thousands of snow geese and a few thousand sandhill cranes, among lots of other wildlife. Most of these images come from 2011 and 2012, and most are digital paintings. The images are ordered chronologically through the day.
Moonset over 'The Tree'Sunrise at the OverlookWaiting for sunrise #1Waiting for sunrise #2Snowgoose blastoff #1Snowgoose blastoff #2Cranes on a cold predawn morningDawn restlessnessCrane dancing #1Crane dancing #2Crane dancing #3A stately pairPreparing to leave for their feeding areasVocalizing before takeoffInitial liftoffTakeoffAirborne and off to the feeding groundsTo the feeding groundsCranes in flightOn the feeding grounds

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