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Created 24-Nov-13
37 photos

These images come from Cloudcroft and White Sands, New Mexico, in September 2013. Dunes and Balloons was an AZ Highways photo workshop led by Derek von Briesen.
Downtown Cloudcroft, New MexicoEagle EyrieThe Croftings bed and breakfastScott McCoy and his B&BAlong the Alkali Flat trailWhite Sands photographerDunes and inter-dunes, late afternoonDramatic sky, late afternoonDune curvesAfternoon rain at White SandsSunset on our first afternoonBalloon inflation at White SandsBill Butler, head of the balloon festivalMichael Jackson?Dunes and balloonsInflated but nowhere to goThese balloons are big!Packing up a balloonYuccaville in late afternoon #1Yuccaville #2

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