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Created 22-Nov-14
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The All Souls Parade, held in early November, is one of Tucson's iconic events. Inspired by Mexico's 'Day of the Dead,' thousands of people paint their faces, don costumes, and join the parade to honor dead relatives and friends. The parade ends with a massive celebration and burning of messages to departed people. These images come from four recent parades.
Face painting #1Face painting #2HallucinationsBring on the clowns #1Bring on the clowns #2Let's party!Pretty in purpleAll Souls Mona LisaGeisha ghoulSeven steps to heavenBlue avatarsZumba ghoulsThe enforcerDon't you like my flowers?The kissIn your wildest dreamsPlease photograph meLas senoritasChanelling Diego RiveraA message collector

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