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Created 23-Jul-13
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This is a series of digital paintings from our photo safari in northern Tanzania in June 2011. Beyond the Maasai images, which come from a village outside Ngorongoro Crater, the images are mostly arranged by the national parks that we visited (5 total).
Typical indigenous naive paintings, Mosquito RiverShy Maasai woman #1Maasai woman #2Maasai warrior #1Maasai warrior #2Black and white colobus monkeyWhite-fronted bee-eaterMale warthogLandscape in Tarangire National ParkHunter's sunbirdRed-billed hornbillSuperb starlingNorthern white-crowned shrikeRed and yellow barbetCommon zebrasFemale impalaA pair of waterbucksFemale waterbucksA pair of dik-diksKlipspringer antelope

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