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Created 9-Sep-19
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This gallery contains images from a two and a-half week trip to Peru in May 2018. Our visit to Lima, Iquitos, and the Amazon was sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution. We spent five days in Arequipa on our own. The Amazon portion involved living on a 'floating hotel' from which we took daily excursions in search of wildlife and visits to villages. I found wildlife photography from a skiff difficult because animals tended to be far off and the boat was always moving. Nonetheless, seeing eight species of monkeys and countless species of birds was wonderful.
Statuary in Santo Domingo church in LimaPolicia and perrosWinddow washersWood carvingsA jewelery saleswomanPre-Incan pottery and tapestryDowntown IquitosMoving dayA typical skiff on patrol for wildlifeGreen iguanaA three-toed slothA squirrel monkeyA family of night monkeysYellow-headed caracaraRed-bellied pirhanaBlack-collared hawk catching a pirhanaJabiru storkHoatzinChewing manioacCatfish on the grill

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