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Created 5-Apr-23
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This series of images comes from a photo workshop given by Fotoverde Tours (Greg Basco and Paulo Valerio, leaders) in Costa Rica in December 2022. The workshop's theme was The Art of Flight. We worked at 3 sites and photographed many species of birds plus a few bats (at one site). It was a wonderful workshop!
Welcome to Costa RicaOur photo sitesView of Laguna del LagartoThe lowland forestmale Great curassowmale Great curassowKeel-billed toucanKeel-billed toucan in flightChestnut-mandibled toucanEmerald toucanetCollared aracarisCollared aracari in flightTwo species of parrotsBrown-hooded parrot in flightBlack vultureBlack-cheeked woodpecker and Green honeycreeperTwo tanager speciesGolden-hooded tanagermale Red-legged honeycreepermale Green honeycreeper

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