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Created 22-Jul-13
30 photos

This gallery contains photo montages of hummingbirds that I've photographed in southern Arizona and the Ecuadorian Andes. Most birds were photographed with a 3-flash system.
Male Anna's hummingbirdMale Costa's hummingbirdFemale Anna's hummingbirdMale Costa's hummingbirdYoung male blue-throated hummingbirdFemale black-chinned hummingbirdsBuff-tailed coronet hummingbirdBooted raquet-tail hummingbirdBooted racquet-tail and purple-throated woodstar hummingbirdsRufous-tailed hummingbirdRufous-tailed hummingbirdRufous-tailed hummingbirdViolet-tailed sylph hummingbirdFemale green-crowned brilliant hummingbirdThree's a crowdFemale green-crowned brilliant hummingbirdWhite-whiskered hermit hummingbirdFawn-breasted brilliant hummingbirdFemale green-crowned brilliant and Andean emerald hummingbirdsGreen-crowned brilliant and black-bellied thorntail hummingbirds

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