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Created 22-Jul-13
30 photos

This is a series of photos from Fazenda San Francisco in the southern Pantanal taken in June 2012.
Pantaneiro practicing calf ropingPair of Southern crested caracaras at sunriseSouthern crested caracaraGreat black-hawkGreat black-hawkBlack-collared hawkSavannah hawkCourting blue and yellow macaws at sunriseBlue-fronted parrot at sunriseNanday parakeetsThe three dudes -- Guira cuckoosA family of smooth-billed anisBlue-crowned trogonPlush-crested jayFemale capybaraGiant anteaterFemale marsh deerAdult male jaguarBlack howler monkeyBlack-striped tufted capuchin monkey

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